I first met Eike at a design conference in London, he’d come to speak about the work of HORT, his design studio in Berlin. I’d been aware of how work previously and admired it from afar. Upon meeting meeting the man himself I soon realised we’d be friends. Eike has an amazing energy and enthusiasm that draws you in, he’s generous and celebrates life. We drank a couple of beers the first time we met and soon found lots of common ground, we discovered a list mutual friends, it felt like we’d always been friends. He invited me to teach on his design course in Frankfurt, it was inspiring to see his teaching style. He encourages both staff and students to explore every avenue of communication, I came back from that experience and felt renewed enthusiasm for my own work. 

I see Eike occasionally, every time we meet it’s lots of fun, but most of the time I keep track of what he’s doing through social media. He shares so much, telling the story of his life and work through unselfconscious daily updates. He’s a natural communicator and his boundless enthusiasm and energy is truly inspiring. He seems to travel continuously, teaching, holding exhibitions, exploring new places. I though I was a seasoned traveller, but compared to Eike i’m an amateur. You don’t meet too many people like Eike, the world would be a much better place if you did.