Erik Kessels is somewhat of an enfant terrible of the advertising world. The Dutch artist, curator, photographer and designer is also creative director of KesselsKramer, an advertising agency in Amsterdam. Drawn to the unconventional, Kessels discovers insight and humour by looking askance.

Work by Erik Kessels: 

Erik cited Anthony Burill, the graphic artist, as his source of inspiration:

I remember my first time working with Anthony Burrill. He made a series of posters for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam. One of the posters in the series read “Now Even More Rooms Without A Window”. His visual solution for the poster? 17 rows of illustrated bricks. A simple, obvious, and (borderline) boring idea. But—as is the case with pretty much everything Anthony makes—the illustration was the perfect solution to the problem.

Over the years Anthony has stuck to this way of working, stripping things to the bone, locating the core of whatever he happens to be working on. As he’s grown a bit older, he’s lost a little of the shyness and introversion, but his passion and precision remains. His many clients include Kraftwerk, Diesel, The Economist, and The London Underground. He created the first typographical cover for Wallpaper magazine, based on his most famous and most simple design—the legendary “Work Hard And Be Nice To People” poster. Last March, a first overview of his work called ‘Make it Now’ was be published by Penguin books.

Like any creative, I admit that sometimes I find myself looking at something I’ve just made, marveling at how simple and monumental it is, feeling pretty good about myself. Then I think of Anthony, and realize I’m wrong. 

He would have done it better.

Work by Anthony Burrill: