Kenichi Hoshine nominated artist and illustrator Jon Han:

"He's a little scary." a student told me with a slight chuckle. She was talking about Jon Han after his first class as an instructor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The statement is quite funny because it couldn't be further from the truth. He's one of the nicest guys I know, and not only that, one of the most talented. With his work, Jon is constantly pushing the boundaries of illustration and design and is making us realize what can, and should be, accepted. Often times incorporating the ethereal and the intangible, the pieces that Jon creates always make me pause to ponder them for several minutes. Familiar scenes will be shattered by acid colors and abstract mark-making. The cosmos will be imbued with a somber tone. Anxiety will give way to serenity. Jon will navigate you through his universe and kick you out at the other end, leaving you utterly confused, in the best possible sense.

Work by Jon Han: