Kristín ómarsdóttir nominated the Danish writer Maja Lee Langved:

I met Maja Lee Langvad in Oslo the day Edward Snowden got stuck in Moscow, in midsummer 2013. I thought: 'Oh, here comes a relative of Yves Saint Laurent'. She was wearing big glasses and a black coat, and her haircut was the same as the coiffure of her French uncle. When I heard her talking and read her books of poetry my view of the world turned upside down. I learned about the industry of transnational adoption, the reality of charity work. An human heart is not capable of love unless the proprietor has a purpose. A human heart has no excuse for it's competitive cravings. I believe we share an understanding of unaccomplished desires. 

Thank you dear Maja. I look forward to reading your next books. 

Reykjavík in June, 2016

Sincerely, kristín ómarsdóttir

Maja Lee Langvad and her work:

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