Leo Rydell Jost nominated the fashion designer Ketevane Maissaia

Photo of Leo by Luis Venegas

Ketevane's inspiration sources are so unusual that it always catches me off guard. She has a way of living and thinking that it is not from this decade, and possibly not the same century. I guess growing up in soviet Georgia is partly responsible for her unique mindset.

Her design, Le Moccasin Zippe, doesn't feel like just footwear. She has the ability to empower a product with character and life. I feel like part of her is encapsulated in each different model, like an enchantment (or a curse...). It is almost obvious the amount of thought that there is on its creation and evolution.

She has this force, an aura, that doesn’t allow her to fail or to let herself down

I was overwhelmed by her creativity when we met almost 2 years ago in Loewe, since then she has brain washed me into being a positive thinker. She has this force, an aura, that doesn't allow her to fail or to let her self down. I've learned from her that there is a level of confidence that can only be achieve when you are THAT good. Things can't go wrong when you are doing everything right in life.

Ketevane Maissaia's footwear and eyewear range: