Leo Rydell Jost is my favorite person in the world. I’m lucky to know him and seeing him growing up into an exceptional full-time artist. When Leo asked me for creative direction on his first collection of homo-drawings in 2014, I was excited because I love those drawings. We worked together, edited and designed the book in an afternoon. When you’re working with great material the process is really quick. That book was called Colored Dudes and its 100 copies limited edition sold out in less than 48 hours.

Now some of those gorgeous drawings - together with great abstract new artworks - have become the subject of Leo’s particular passion: his art rugs which you can lay on the floor or hang on walls. Each one of those fabulous hand-knotted rugs are unique pieces and I bet they’ll sell pretty fast too… Can’t wait to see what’s next for Leo.

Work by Leo Rydell Jost: