Ted Mineo nominated Hole, an on-going project between Colleen Asper and Marika Kandelaki

Working together under the name Hole, Colleen Asper and Marika Kandelaki practice a Promethean feminism that twists and divides. Their visions are sharp and strange, populated by sprits and subjects in extremis.  The performances, texts and objects they produce reach beyond the material boundaries of particular stages and pages in order to “take the language we have been given and speak it against itself and to each other”.  

“The language we have been given”, by their reckoning, is a system to be abstracted into its most generic elements and given physical form. That process of abstraction and creation is the essence of what they do; it’s a kind of performative philosophy that forces ideas and bodies onto the same level.  This way of working teems with both violence and possibility.  Violence, because ideas are susceptible to gravity and permeability once they are given physical form.  They may be torn or destroyed.  Possibility, because an embodied idea can be worn, built and manipulated.  

Visions of the future should not remain visions - they must be built here, now. That’s what Hole’s work tells me. That urgency is what makes it so necessary. 

Work by Hole:

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