We came to know and appreciate Omar Sosa through his work on Apartamento Magazine, a unique interiors magazine which has gained international acclaim. Championing the 'everyday life' Apartamento sets itself apart in a refreshingly honest way unearthing fascinating and inspiring people who we are often unacquainted with. As an art director, publisher and graphic designer, Sosa spearheads the project along with his partners Nacho Alegre and Marco Velardi. 

Photo of Omar by Danielle Lewitt

Work by Omar Sosa:

Omar Sosa and Marco Velardi - shared their A-Z of creative dos and don'ts, concerns and process in their presentation at Here 2016, a fast-paced festival of creativity curated by It's Nice That.

Omar Sosa nominated the director Albert Moya as a source of inspiration to him

Albert's sense of space, movement, small details and gestures in people struck me in each of his films. It’s like I discover a new world every time I watch one of his short pieces. Maybe it's because I know the backstories of some of them but also because he always surprises me with the treatment and story.

Work by Albert Moya

Over an intimate dinner, two couples in their forties unexpectedly welcome the visit of a friend that will turn their lives upside down. American Autumn is a surreal melodrama that depicts small everyday catastrophes that threaten the gentle way of life of the bourgeoisie.