Zimoun* is a self-taught Swiss sound artist. Working with everyday materials such as cotton balls, cardboard boxes and plastic bags; Zimoun constructs soundscapes which mind-boggle in their apparent simplicity and staggering inventiveness. Whether it's a clack, rustle, crunch or jangle; Zimoun makes the ordinary extraordinary. 

* photo of Zimoun by Aoki Takamasa 

Work by Zimoun:

Zimoun nominated the scientist Danielle Mersch who works in the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge:

To me almost all experts (people knowing and researching a lot in one specific field) are generally very inspiring. I love getting, at least, a little bit of an idea about the specific universe they are exploring. In that sense, I’m often in contact with some of them. Recently I had such an exchange with Danielle Mersch, who is a scientist doing research about the social behavior of ants. It was incredibly interesting learning more about how Danielle was working and visiting her in the Ants Laboratories of the University in Lausanne.

Images from work by Danielle Mersch (photo credit - Alessandro Crespi):