I got to know Luis’ work when I was in art school. I would cover the walls of my bedroom with all the images of Fanzine 137. Like any teenager I would be stoned in my bedroom listening at music and going through all his magazines kind of daydreaming about doing art projects one day, still I didn’t know those things were going to be in film. I hadn’t seen anyone curating a magazine like that, all the heroes he would put together and all those weird zines he would do like the title film credits one. I found a lot of things in there that helped me understand the things I was becoming interested in and that translated in projects I’ve been doing since then. 

When I became 18 he took pictures of myself for the first issue of Electric Youth. He was suportive with all of us who were kind of lost an trying to figure out what we wanted to do. We became friends since then and whenever I do a film I care about I show it to him and he sends me notes which I really value. He’s a real maestro to me. 

Work by Luis Venegas