Amani Azlin nominated visual creative Sharina Shahrin who also runs Everyday Studios in Kuala Lumpur:

Sharina's conceptual heartworks (as she refers it!) really ignites the imagination in me and as a result encourages me to always make and create myself. Her heartworks are saturated with psychedelic colours that explores the themes of infinite time and space taking the form of an abstract digital, traditional or mixed media painting. There is movement, depth and passion that radiates from the pieces that she creates and not surprisingly this passion is also vibrantly radiating from herself. Being a true free spirited creative that she is she does not stop at painting but is always expanding herself into other realms of creativity such as music and photography. 

If she is not creating magic, she is inspiring it. Sharina also holds creative workshops in her studio at Everyday Studios that invites people to come play and explore while learning. What I find inspiring about her is how she completely immerse herself in her art that she herself exists as art.

Work by Sharina Shahrin: