Angelina Gualdoni nominated visual artist and performer Jonathan VanDyke:

"I've been thinking a lot about Jonathan Van Dyke lately, who has been pretty much killing it.  We share a love of Sonia Delaunay's patterns and fashions, and when I first saw Traunitz, his installation of sewn fabric paintings and photographs, both originating in performances, it was one of those moments where it was so good I was mad that I hadn't gotten there first. 

Jonathan's got this incredibly hybridity to his work: textiles and paintings come out of performances, performances are informed by fashion and sports, paintings and photographs are displayed in the round as sculpture and set - it's a similar attitude to Delaunay, as well as Dona Nelson, and even some Brazilian artists like Helio Oiticia and Lygia Clark. If all that isn't enough, his work is drop dead gorgeous, tightly stretched, bodily, lusty, and filled with some kind of catharsis, all of which I've been thinking about a lot lately too."

Work by Jonathan VanDyke: