This debut Just Six Degrees is launched by film and game graphic designer Annie Atkins, whose portfolio includes Oscar-winning work on Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, Camelot, The Boxtrolls, Vikings and The Tudors. 

Work by Annie Atkins


Annie Atkins nominated film poster designer and musician Sam Smith:

"I really love the work of the American film poster designer Sam Smith. I saw one of his posters online years ago, but he wasn't credited (that's Tumblr!) and I didn't think too much about who had designed it, I just loved it. It was for a film called Elena. I thought of it again years later when I was designing the poster for an Irish film and I looked it up. I found that it was designed by the Nashville artist and musician Sam Smith (he also drums for Ben Folds) and he has so many beautiful pieces in his portfolio. He works in a really bold, abstract way – very illustrative – and every poster he makes is a work of art."

Work by Sam Smith: 

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