Ben Lukas Boysen nominated Berlin-based digital crafts studio Feld:

I know these guys work for quite a while and was always amazed by their creative and and precise approach to their projects. Their very clear and condensed style is something I admire a lot! A few years ago we got know each other better and we occasionally worked together on several projects. They designed the album artwork for both my albums Gravity and Spells with a careful and detailed eye for the the art and materials involved - which made the results incredibly special and we most recently worked together on an installation commissioned by the Barbican Centre in London.

On and off duty, these guys are a source of fun and inspiration and achieving amazing things all around!

Work by Feld:

Digital craft studio FELD bring their work from Berlin to the Barbican, designing a spatial installation in the foyer, exploring the theme of collision. Two revolving arms narrowly evade each other in a huge mobile of light and sound in constant motion.

A kinetic installation that investigates the way we read and understand physical phenomena of embodiment in interaction of space and matter. Loads was developed and realised in close cooperation with Patrick Bedarf and first shown during the "Sensient Geometries" exhibition at SPEKTRUM Berlin. Project page