Eli Horowitz nominated illustrator and graphic novelist Wendy MacNaughton:

"Sometimes Wendy MacNaughton is an artist.  Sometimes she’s a journalist.  Sometimes an illustrator.  Often a doodler.  What impresses me is the way she slides smoothly between all these worlds, or even combines them all in a single project, as in her book Meanwhile — is it a record of the overlooked people and places of San Francisco, or is a collection of watercolors?  

I guess the answer is both, or something else entirely, something new.  Other times she’s content to remain in the background, giving other people’s projects life and color.   Her work is pretty and refined, but also loose, unfussy, spontaneous.  That maybe describes her as a person too, plus generous — with friends, enthusiasms, connections, and party invitations.  Also, those parties almost always involve good snacks."

Work by Wendy MacNaughton: