John Gall nominated the photographer Jason Fulford:

Things I wouldn't know if not for Jason Fulford: the photography of Gus PowellEd Panar and Mike Mandel, the writer Daniil Kharms, or that Scranton, Pennsylvania has really good ice cream.

I think the first time I met Jason, he came to my office to show some of his photographs for possible use on book covers. I am pretty sure he arrived via motorcycle (All the while I’m thinking where do you even park a motorcycle in mid-town Manhattan). Of course his photographs were amazing and perfect for book covers since they were both specific and ambiguous at the same time—if that makes any sense. People have spent a lot of time trying to define Jason’s photos.

Little did I know then of his love for books, or that he would eventually go on to start his own publishing company with Leanne Shapton called JandL books where the publishing program seems to be to publish whatever it is that interests them. Or that he would be the one designing many of these beautiful books. Just for the love of it.

Our paths have crossed sporadically since that initial meeting, through projects and mailings (he sends the BEST mail), art openings and book signings. Though I often enjoy spending time with his photography, it is the unique specific/ambiguous world-view I find most inspiring. Why the hell not just hop on your motorcycle, ride out to Scranton and publish a book?

Work by Jason Fulford: