Liz Nielsen nominated artist Angelina Gualdoni:

"I am inspired by the way Angelina uses her painted mark of many colors and the way she suggests her subjects without naming them. In her works, she mists spray paint and leaks ink, then she paints objects and line-oriented designs.  She references double spaces, and overlapping time.  Her paintings reveal abstract maps or fragments that define and delineate blobs, sneaker footprints, flowers, and monumental piles. 

Angelina’s paintings mix intuition and design together. This sampling pushes form over concept. Representational subjects are hinted at, and still lives emerge against mysterious backgrounds of solitude and displacement. The overlays create a dramatic and desired effect forcing a magical distance.

When standing in front of one of her works, I feel positioned in a non-locatable space-place, like a faint yet emotional memory, that exists singularly, inside of a void."

Work by Angelina Gualdoni: