Nadhir Nor nominated Malaysian photographer Amani Azlin:

Amani is a Malaysian photographer who is currently studying in London whom I bumped into randomly on instagram. The internet has definitely made art more inclusive and accessible to everyone, which also makes it very easy to get all muddled up among everyone's almost blueprint-y creative endeavours. I find Amani inspiring because regardless of this, she stands out.

I always find it intriguing how Amani always manages to make even the most mundane subjects interesting. It can be a series of brick walls and you can still see the great details she gives in every shot, like tracing you fingers against an ancient relic where you can just feel the tremendous amount of effort put by the artisan, yet when it's Amani's works they all come in effortlessly. Her works and series always play with the loveliest marriages of colours, space and subjects and that really makes me want to do the same whenever I'm putting something up together.

Work by Amani Azlin: