For our latest Just Six Degrees we've chosen Erin Spens, the publisher of Boat, "a nomadic travel + culture publication that focuses on a different, inspiring city for each issue."

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Erin Spens nominated photographer, art director and writer Tag Christof:

"Tag Christof is a creative that I'm really inspired by. He's the former art director at Need Supply Co. and Editor in Chief of their magazine Human Being Journal – based in Virginia. He’s now living in New York and setting up a new office for, a photo agency he worked for in Milan. I can actually spend quite a long time here talking about the interesting things Tag has done, but I think the real treasure in Tag’s work lies in his own photography, especially his ongoing project “America is Dead.”

With his architecture background, Tag’s photography is mostly focused on buildings, specifically the era of big American modernism. We featured loads of his photos and a lot about him here.

I really love the thinking behind his work and how he captures a certain feeling in his photos while also purely documenting this era of architecture. That's a really tough thing to do – create a body of work that’s so documentary it could be used as a buildings record, and yet still create a very emotional response from those that see it. Very inspiring!"

Work by Tag Christof: