Jack Sachs is a London-based 3D animator and illustrator whose eye-ball popping work has excited us for some time. His illustrious client list includes Weiden & Kennedy, POP Magazine, DFA Records, Converse and Zeit Magazine. This month (June 2016) he signed up as a director with Blink Ink.

Work by Jack Sachs:



Jack Sachs chose the LA based illustrator Niv Bavarsky as his current source of of inspiration:

I've been following Niv's work online now for about 3 years and I've always been so impressed by the consistency of his work, which is accomplished while still feeling relaxed, natural and surprising - this is is a super rare balance. Also his palette is always super distinctive and beautifully crafted. There's something about his drawings that feels timeless. Also he has a really cool name.

Work by Niv Bavarksy: