Paul Mpagi Sepuya nominated multimedia artist A.L. Steiner:

"You’ve asked why A.L. Steiner is an influence and an inspiration at the moment. At the moment, the point of entry may be her recent exhibition Come & Go that just closed here in Los Angeles. Come & Go presents the artist’s archive of creative, sexual, physical and political collaboration that serves as the through line for the life of an individual situated at a particular place and time and a subjective viewpoint within a broader queer culture. The exhibition was organized around a thematic card-catalogue of Steiner’s 35mm drug store printouts from the 90s to contemporary digital camera printouts, but I would say Steiner is less a photographer for the sake of aesthetics or form than someone for whom photographs are the resulting skins, image-objects cast from deeper intimacies. The lived life is the mould that compels but is never fully summed up within any given picture, and that’s a good thing. The work demands that you keep up. No apologies. As an educator, activist, and friend, both her work and her life are inspirations at the moment now and moments to come." 

Works by A.L. Steiner:

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