Work by Ryan Fitzgibbon:

Ryan Fitzgibbon is the founder and creative director of Hello Mr. 'a magazine about men who date men"

Ryan Fitzgibbon nominated graphic designer Zhang Qingyun:

I studied graphic design in college. I know how to use the basic tools and I have an eye for compositions and visual hierarchy. Naturally, as I’ve developed Hello Mr., my skills as a designer have dwindled. My brain still functions as a creative, but my ability to produce visual concepts requires more effort and external motivation than before. I’m lucky that I have so many creative people around me who drive and inspire me through these uncharted territories in my career.

Zhang Qingyun is one of those people. A brilliant designer, in the traditional sense of “design,” but it’s obvious that he’s not satisfied being known for anything traditional. He’s the hardest critic of his work, be it a poster, an identity rebrand, or the new collection of his clothing label. He’s dedicated and it shows. He inspires me in what he’s built so far, but it's clear that he’s just getting started. 

Work by Zhang Qingyun: