We first encountered Seamus Murphy a few years ago when we came across his captivating video for PJ Harvey's 'Let England Shake' before realising  he had completed short films for each track on that album. He's continued to work with PJ publishing The Hollow of the Hand which combined her poetry with his images taken on journeys to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington DC between 2011 and 2014. Seamus returned to his homeland of Ireland to document The Republic, a photographic essay on the country 100 years on from the Easter Rising, which was published this year by Penguin. 

Photo of Seamus by Mustafa Tughan Anit

Work by Seamus Murphy:

Seamus nominated the poet Pat Ingoldsby:

I got to know Pat while I was making Home is Another Place, a short film I made for The New Yorker over the summer in Dublin in 2013.

Pat appeals to our reason through invention and surrealism, in a voice understandable to everyone. He is a rare and sympathetic witness and champion of the underdog - of which there are many in Dublin. Above all he is very funny.

There is no better company than Pat and his poems to roam with around the streets of Dublin; absorbing its stories and conspiring with the mirth and darkness of the city.

Work by Pat Ingoldsby: (covers by Steve Averill)