TB Ward selected the artist Mark Entwisle as his current source of inspiration: 

I find it difficult to ignore artists who can draw. It’s a skill that many may assume is foundational, but my fellow artists will admit it is not. There’s a romance in the idea of artists who carry around a beaten up sketchpad and a couple of pencils in their coat pockets, ready to document any given thing that they see and find of interest. And then, when they can do it well, well, I’m hooked. Mark is one of these artists. He has an innate ability to capture moments that would perhaps pass many of us by. His on the spot drawings, wonderfully twisted photographs, and subsequent paintings, deal with light and reflection, and the transforming of the mundane and everyday to the vital and precious. His observational creations become a unique and evocative language that seems able to heighten my awareness of the passage of time.

Work by Mark Entwisle: