Zhang Qingyun nominated Art Director/Dancer/Healer Ely Kim:

His work is earnest and irreverent at once – posters that proclaim “Rich People Deserve Fun Too”, “There Is No Such Thing as Fake Jewelry”, or a video tutorial named “Ely Kim Presents: How to Lead A Phenomenal Life!”. It’s an understatement to say Ely doesn’t take graphic design too seriously – he actually makes you question why anyone would. 

That doesn’t mean his work is compromised in anyway. Once I helped him putting together a costume for his own birthday party promotion video (there is indeed a very blurry line between his work and him as a person). We spent hours rummaging through this huge fabric shop, to find the perfect materials that would reflect the lights the way he envisioned. The result is impressive. If I can pick one word to describe Ely I would go for glamor – the real type of glamor that’s honest and arresting at once.

Work by Ely Kim: